First Post

WordPress really is much easier to install than Movable Type, and the admin section is **much** easier on the eyes.

What’s left to do? Add some comment spam plugins, jazz up the template, and post some entries. :D

Wondering what the entries will be about? This isn’t going to be one of those blogs that has a highly focused niche topic like “news and commentary for [red]( [fuzzy]( [widget]( enthusiasts.” My only _productive_ goal is to maintain a repository of solid PHP and regular expressions code snippets. Not for you my reader mind you, but for myself as I am constantly losing and rewriting code.

Beyond the technical, you can expect the occasional rant about SEO or Search Engine Marketing, frank discussions about choices I make every day about website usability and design, and the occasional link to an unusual site. Everything will be neatly categorized and you can always just subscribe to the category feed that interests you. (If wordpress doesn’t allow this already, I’ll be hacking together a plug-in to do so.)