Google Chrome’s Comic Book For Tech Gurus

The USPS sent the [promotional comic book about Google’s new browser]( a day early to Philipp Lenssen. While everyone else wonders what this means for the browser cold war, I’m much more interested in the messenger. Who thinks of launching a web browser by mailing a paper comic book to tech bloggers?

I’m not sure what to think of this comic book approach to presenting complex technical subjects. If their target audience is non-technical, then panels like this one are not going to help.

[Mike Beishe, X Juggler](,M1)

Did I really just read “de-allocated memory” in a comic book? And, while I first glance it appears comic Mike Beishe is juggling the letters “X,” a closer inspection of his right hand reveals he is in fact [holding a mystical orb](

Overall, the format leaves me with serious (well, for a web browser) questions about just what the heck they have in mind with this project. I’m also fairly confident that the “typical” browser user won’t even make it to page 6 to learn how to juggle de-allocated memory. It’s pitching too low for the well-informed and too high for the less-informed.