Search the year 2001

Google can pull up [a version of their search index from as far back as January 2001]( From an IT point of view, this is pretty amazing. They make it clear [it’s not an exact version](, but that they can do it _at all_ is impressive.

Could your company pull up a backup of **anything** from seven years ago? Let alone make it functional in the same context it once was? I surprise people whenever they learn I keep emails for as long as I do.

Anyone who didn’t believe they are keeping a [Time Machine-esque]( index of every version of any page ever crawled should be convinced now. Just like a lot of folks [want BackRub](, I bet a lot of folks would love access to a searchable and far more comprehensive internet archive than the, well, [_actual_ Internet Archive](

Things I’ve learned about my sites from playing around with this?

* I did not rank quite as well as I remember ranking.
* I abused duplicate title tags, a lot.
* My general design style has evolved but is still recognizable (probably a bad thing!).
* I was reminded of some of our old domains and the odd subdirectory structure of the different web projects.