Pubcon 2006 Vegas Schedule

The sessions I plan on attending are shown below. You can find the original (and regularly updated) [session grid here](

Tuesday November 14

Continental Breakfast
08:45a 9:00a Conference Introduction by Brett Tabke
09:00a 10:00a WebmasterWorld Pubcon Kickoff Keynote Address – Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki
moderator: Brett Tabke
10:15a 11:30a Feeds, Blogs, News, and Social Search
Owen Byrne, Rick Klau, Chris Tolles, Niall Kennedy
moderator: Brett Tabke
11:35a 12:50p Link Development and Linking Optimization
Rae Hoffman, Eric Ward, Roger Montti, Joel Lesser
12:50p 1:30p Lunch
1:30p 2:45p Feeding the Engines – Writing Copy
Heather Lloyd-Martin, Jennifer Slegg, Ted Ulle, Byron White
moderator: Ted Ulle
2:45p 4:00p Ad and Landing Page Site Reviews
Seth Wilde, Kevin Lee, Lily Chiu, Neil Patel, Brad Geddes
moderator: Christine Churchill
4:00p 5:00p Special Afternoon Keynote by Jon S Von Tetzchner
Jon S. von Tetzchner
moderator: Brett Tabke

Wednesday November 15

09:00a 10:00a New Age of Web Advertising Keynote by John Battelle
John Battelle
moderator: Brett Tabke
10:00a 10:00am: Exhibit Hall Opens
10:15a 11:30a International and Euro Optimization
Michael Bonfils, Barry Lloyd, Dixon Jones, Jessica L Bowman
moderator: Christine Churchill
11:35a 12:50p Search Blog and Reporter Forum
Michael McDonald, Barry Schwartz, Andy Beal, Lee Odden, Rand Fishkin
moderator: Todd Friesen
12:50p 1:50p Lunch
1:30p 3:10p Duplicate Content Issues
Tim Converse, Bill Slawski, Amanda Watlington, Google Representative
moderator: Joe Laratro
3:30p 5:00p Super Session : Search and Research on a Rail
Gordon Hotchkiss, Tom Hughes, Glenn Alsup, Dana Todd
moderator: Brett Tabke

Thursday November 16

09:00a 10:00a Special Guest Keynote – Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan
moderator: Brett Tabke
10:15a 11:30a Press and Public Relation Campaigns
Robin Liss, Lee Odden, Greg Jarboe, David McInnis
moderator: Justin Sanger
11:35a 12:50p Viral and WOMM Marketing Management
Rand Fishkin, Louise Rijk, Aaron Wall, Lawrence Coburn
moderator: Todd Friesen
12:50p 1:50p Lunch
1:30p 3:10p Interactive Site Reviews and SERP Quality Control Forum
Matt Cutts, Tim Mayer, Greg Boser, Todd Friesen, Danny Sullivan
moderator: Jake Baillie
3:30p 5:00p Super Session : Search Engines and Webmasters – aka: The Search Engine Smack Down
Matt Cutts, Tim Mayer, Rahul Lahiri, Eytan Seidman
moderator: Brett Tabke

November 17

1:30p-whenever Special Event
PubCon, The Classic 1:30p-4:30p

How to encourage lurkers to post

Today’s lesson comes from Rand over at SEOmoz:

Share your sites
For this blog entry, I’d like to open up the comments to all of our members (and anyone out there who’d like to join in). Please share your websites

Well over a 100+ comments in just over 12 hours and most commenters share that this is their first time posting at SEOmoz. Quite clever. :)

Another good resource for pulling lurkers out of hidding is this thread from WebmasterWorld.

Halloween Costume 2006

I have a tradition of entertaining crowds around Halloween. About 3 years ago I had an idea for 2 pieces of PVC pipe, a pair of shoes glued to a couple buckets, and a bolt of black broadcloth. I’ve moved up to using jointed PVC arms and drywall stilts but the concept remains the same.

Here’s a video taken in downtown Zephyrhills at the Halloween event on October 28th, 2006. :)

WordPress mod_rewrite still allows old URL string

If you migrated a WordPress blog from the old style URLs using the built-in permalink options, you may be surprised that all the old URLs are still accessible. This causes a problem with search engines which have already indexed those old URLs as they will look at the new URLs as duplicate content.


The “quick fix” for this is a few lines of code added to the top of the “single.php” file in your wordpress template:



I will be writing up a plugin to add this functionality in a more WordPress friendly way, but for now a quick code change will work. :)