On Leaving ClassB

With a heavy heart and after much reflection, today marks my last day with ClassB. The last few years have seen an incredible amount of growth and new, exciting challenges for the company. I’ve been deeply involved in all aspects of the organization, always working towards growing ClassB to be a market leader in the custom t-shirt industry.

ClassB is a family owned and operated business that was originally founded by my mom in 1982. Since the first time I did design work for customers when I was 6 years old up until yesterday when I was the Vice President of the company, I have done practically every job at ClassB. Although this may seem sudden, our family had an agreement for many years that 2014 would be when we formally transitioned the company from the original owners, my mother and father, to the second generation, my brother and myself.

While I had originally planned to take part in this transition, as the date drew nearer and nearer I reflected upon what the next decades would bring and what exactly I wanted to be when I grew up.

What started as my idea to “take the company online” in 1997 (when I was just a junior at Zephyrhills High School) turned into a 17 year journey of learning all aspects of web development, search engine optimization, online advertising, social media marketing, and mobile app development.

Although I have always been given a free hand to explore this at ClassB, it has rarely been enough to satisfy my curiosity and excitement. Anyone who knows me knows that I always have a lot “side projects” and dozens of undeveloped websites waiting for a free weekend.

The web and all it’s possibilities has truly become my passion. With this in mind, and after much reflection with my family, I am announcing that I will be leaving ClassB to start my own web development and consulting business.

ClassB has been incredibly supportive of this move. I’ve already booked my first client and they happen to be a leading national t-shirt company. ;)

No matter how exciting this is for me personally, it’s so difficult to leave the team at ClassB behind. I have no doubt that the managers and employees have the skill, experience, and passion to continue to succeed. I’ll just miss being part of the day to day fun and working with such a phenomenal group of people.

If you have an exciting web or mobile project and would like my expertise, please get in touch. ;)