Shia LaBeouf Alarm Ringtone

I think it’s obvious that everyone wants to wake up to this inspirational message from Shia:

So here’s a handy link to download an MP3 of Shia LaBeouf’s motivational speech for use on your phone as an alarm clock ringtone or maybe even just for regular phone calls. :D

For iOS, use this link to download a ringtone file or just a good ol’ AAC.

Need iOS ringtone installation instructions? Ignore every tutorial and just do this:

  1. Download the ringtone file to your computer.
  2. Find your “Automatically Add To iTunes” folder.
  3. Drag the ringtone file into that folder. Wait for it to disappear. (~10 seconds)
  4. The ringtone is now in “Tones” and you can sync it to your iPhone.

And no, there is NO [expletive deleted] WAY possible to just click a link from the phone itself and install a ringtone. I have an hour of failed Google searches to prove it. Don’t even try. Just do the iTunes way above.

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